A commitment to sustainable development

As a member of the ABInBev Group, International Breweries Plc. is committed to driving the tenets of sustainability across its value chain. We believe that a successful business requires a healthy, natural environment as well as thriving communities. We are therefore committed to building a company that lasts, bringing people together for a Better World, now and for the next 100+ years. That's why sustainability isn't just part of our business, it is our business. Our Nigerian operation is aligned to our Group's 2025 Sustainability Goals and we are developing programmes on ground to contribute to these goals.

  • Water Stewardship
  • Climate Action
  • Circular Packaging
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Responsible Drinking

We are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Nigeria's sustainable development agenda and the country's overall development through the building of resilient supply chains, productive communities and a healthier environment.

Sustainability Development

Sustainability Development


To achieve our objective of bringing people together for a better world, we work within the communities where we operate - and beyond - touching lives and investing in their socio-economic development. In relating positively with the people, the company as part of its corporate social responsibility works with community representatives to identify interventions that will be beneficial to them and works with them to execute the same. Many of such projects cut across our five CSR Pillars:

  • Empowerment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Infrastructure support
  • Lifestyle (Responsible drinking)

Stakeholder management is a key focus of our business strategy where we have different platforms for engaging our stakeholders; sharing, receiving feedback and attending to what matters to them. A major aspect of our corporate citizenship is the employment of both direct and indirect employees from communities. The company presently employs 2,187 full-time employees and provides over 5000 indirect employment.


We brew our beers at the highest level of water efficiency and we continually challenge ourselves to do even more. Water is the number one ingredient in beer. That's why we're improving water access and security in the communities where we live and work. We also look beyond our operations in order to improve high-risk watersheds in the areas where we operate. Our goal is to ensure water access and quality for both our communities and our breweries. To demonstrate this, we provided boreholes to communities in Ibadan, Ilesa and Lagbara, all in South West Nigeria and communities in Onitsha, Anambra State in the South East.

Sustainability Development

Sustainability Development


Health is wealth. Based on the quest of the company to impact positively on the people around where its plants are situated, we embarked on the renovation of the only Health Centre in Esa-Odo community. The renovation, which was done in conjunction with the Esa-Odo Community in Diaspora' included replacement of all doors, windows, repair of the damaged roof, tiling, painting, toilet refurbishment and repair of the electrical wiring system. The company also donated several hospital equipments, With our support, people within the community have access to improved healthcare.

IB Plc also constructed a 5-room toilet facility for the pupils of Omi-Asoro primary school. Over 150 pupils benefitted from this initiative. For many years, the school had been without toilets and students were left to defecate and dispose of the same in an unhygienic manner. This project has assisted in the prevention of germs, diarrhoea and the protection of the health of the entire community.


As a company, we take alcohol responsibility very seriously. This is in line with our global commitment to reducing and preventing the harmful use of alcohol. We work hard to try and ensure that our beers are only consumed responsibly by adults within the legal drinking age of 18. Within the current year, the company partners embarked on several initiatives to enlighten both its internal and external stakeholders on responsible drinking. We partner with road safety marshals to inculcate the "Say NO to drinking and driving" initiative. This program includes the Driver Safety (Courteousness, Alertness, Responsible (Awake) and Ensure) C.A.R.E. campaign, carried out during festive periods. For example, in Onitsha, the plant engaged and educated haulage drivers and managers on the importance of safe driving with an emphasis on zero tolerance for drinking and driving as well as the use of drugs. In our Port-Harcourt and Ilesa plants, we also partnered with Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to drive responsible drinking by providing non-alcoholic drinks to participants during the awareness sessions.

Sustainability Development